Why a School Yearbook is a Better than Social Media Memories!

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In today’s digital age, we may think that everything we want to remember is just a click away. Social media timelines, photos and videos on our smartphones, and cloud storage have made it easier than ever to document and remember our experiences. But there is something special about a yearbook that makes it a great time capsule of our school years. Here are some reasons why a yearbook is better than a social media memory.

Right at your fingertips

If you want to reminisce about your school days through your social media, it takes ages to scroll through all your posts and updates to find the memories you want to relive. A school yearbook can be opened with its distinctive designed front cover and instantly be transported back in time. Every page is filled with memories of the people, events, and experiences that made your school years special.

The world isn’t all online

We don’t record every moment of our lives on social media and teens “screen time” is limited at school. A yearbook captures the moments that social media can’t, such as handwritten messages from friends, notes from teachers, and signatures from classmates. These tangible memories are irreplaceable and can bring back memories that digital media cannot.

An accurate account of time

The friends you go to school with can be very different to your social media friends which is not a reliable way to remember the people you went to school with. People may unfollow or unfriend you, or you may lose access to your social media accounts. A yearbook provides a complete list of everyone in your class, complete with photos and memorable quotes. It’s a great way to remember the people you went to school with, even if you haven’t spoken to them in years.

A lifetime of memories

Social media platforms come and go, but a yearbook is a physical object that will last a lifetime. It’s a timeless record of your school years that you can share with your own children. A yearbook doesn’t require special software to access and it doesn’t depend on a specific website or social media platform. It’s a reliable way to remember your school years that will never become outdated.

Valuable Life Skills

If you’re involved in creating a yearbook, you’re developing valuable life skills that can benefit you in the future. Planning and managing a complex project, working collaboratively with others, and meeting deadlines are all skills that employers value. Including your experience with creating a yearbook on your resume can help you stand out from other job applicants and demonstrate your skills and abilities.

Proof of attendance

A yearbook can serve as proof you went to certain school with certain people and undertook certain classes – it becomes a physical reference point. Just imagine those 10 or 20 year reunions to look back on – that haircut…wow! It’s a reliable record of your school years that can help you remember and celebrate your past.

A yearbook captures memories that social media can’t and is a easy to access document connecting you to thiose you went to school with, your classes, teachers and events you attended. If you haven’t already, consider creating a yearbook to preserve your memories and celebrate your school years.

EPM have worked with many schools and helped shape many memorable year books that students can savour as treasured memories of their school years. If you would like to see how EPM can help design & print your schools year book, send us an email to sales@epmprint.com.au

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