Minimising our impact


At EPM Print Group, we take sustainability seriously. We are committed to minimising our footprint and being a responsible corporate citizen.

EPM Print Group has implemented level 2 of the Sustainable Green Print accreditation, an industry certification that offers a framework for minimising the impact of the design and print industries.

Through the program we actively recycle, manage and measure our usage of printing plates, rags, waste paper, water, electricity and chemical waste. These are benchmarked against both our internal activity and the industry on a wider scale to ensure that we are not only continually improving but keeping in line with industry standards.

The results are externally audited and the ultimate aim of the program is to see the successful implementation of ISO14001 for our environmental management system.

Go Green.

We have a huge range of environmentally friendly promotional product and print stock options. Contact our team today and see how you can go green on your next print project.