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While we now have access to countless digital options for organising our lives, printed calendars are convenient, useful and continue to be a popular option for recording events, activities and milestones

Printed calendars offer an easy, at-a-glance reference without the visually distracting alerts, and pop-ups of digital alternatives.

A New York Times Report indicated that the popularity of promotional calendars is either holding steady or increasing slightly. Studies showed up to 82% of people enjoyed receiving a calendar as a gift and 70% of those people planned to do business with the company providing the calendar.

Calendars are an ideal way to turn your marketing into something practical and useful for customers. Make a bold brand statement, create something memorable, tell your story, or share some light-hearted humour. A printed calendar means prospective customers are potentially exposed to your business messaging every day for an entire year.

With many types of printed calendars available from Express Print & Mail, it’s easy to choose a calendar type and design that suits your brand.

Saddlestitched Calendars

One of the most common types of design. This calendar has staples in the centre and hangs from a hole drilled at the top. It is economical to set up and produce in large quantities.

Wire Bound Hanging Calendars

This is an impactful option for larger designs that hang on the wall. These are typically produced around A3 size and have a half moon hanger for display purposes.

Wire bound hanging calendars are ideal for showcasing exceptional photography, art or design. Keep in mind that the wire binding process is laborious so it may not be the best option for printing more than 500 calendars.

Desk Calendar with Base

This is a great option for getting your brand in front of someone every day with a small flip calendar designed for desks. These calendars can be produced at different sizes including DL, A5 or even A4. With the same production constraints as wire bound hanging calendars, they are generally only suitable for quantities less than 500. Two options are available – wire bound or tent-folded.

Fridge Calendars

For a more basic, cost-effective option, Express Print & Mail can print a full year calendar on a single sheet of card backed with a small magnet or an entire piece of magnet that lives on the fridge for the year. This is a great way of getting your branding in front of a large audience at an economical price. These are typically produced at DL or A5 size.

Fun and creative calendar options

If you’re looking for something fun and creative that really stands out, try a pen pot calendar or revolving cube calendar. Pen pot calendars are collapsible cubed pen holders printed four sides that can include any print design (they’re often branded two sides with a calendar on the other two sides).

Revolving cube calendars feature a base with stacked cubes that can be rotated, offering an opportunity to get creative with design. Combine vibrant colours, striking images and month-by-month calendars for a quirky and memorable gift that will promote your brand for the year ahead.

Get in touch with the Express Print & Mail sales team to talk about creating a bespoke calendar to promote your business. Or, check out It’s time to start planning your corporate Christmas gifts for some exciting gift ideas.

To find out more about our print capabilities, check out Printing Services.

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