Unhappy? Why A New Fin Year Is A Good Time To Source New Suppliers

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Sourcing new suppliers at the start of a new financial year can be strategically beneficial for several reasons.

Here are some key advantages:

Budget Alignment:

  • New Budgets: At the beginning of the financial year, companies typically have newly allocated budgets. This fresh financial outlook allows for more flexibility in negotiating contracts and exploring new supplier options.
  • Strategic Planning: New financial years often bring new business plans and goals, aligning supplier choices with updated strategies.

Performance Evaluation:

  • Annual Review: The end of a financial year is often a time for performance reviews. Assessing the performance of current suppliers can highlight areas where new suppliers might offer better value, service, or quality.
  • Cost Analysis: With financial performance reports in hand, businesses can identify cost-saving opportunities and inefficiencies in their current supply chain.

Contract Renewal:

  • Expiring Contracts: Many supplier contracts are aligned with the financial year. This makes it a natural time to review terms, negotiate better deals, or switch to suppliers who can offer improved terms.
  • Competitive Bidding: The start of the financial year is an ideal time to invite bids from potential new suppliers, ensuring competitive pricing and services.

Market Conditions:

  • Economic Outlook: The new financial year may bring changes in economic conditions, market trends, and industry developments. Sourcing new suppliers can help a business adapt to these changes more effectively.
  • Supplier Innovations: New financial years often see suppliers launching new products, services, and innovations. Engaging with new suppliers can bring fresh solutions to the business.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Process Improvement: New suppliers might offer better technologies, processes, or logistics that can enhance operational efficiency.
  • Risk Management: Diversifying the supplier base at the start of the year can help mitigate risks associated with dependency on a limited number of suppliers.

Strategic Relationships:

  • Long-Term Planning: Establishing new supplier relationships at the start of the financial year allows for long-term planning and collaboration, aligning supplier capabilities with business goals.
  • Strengthened Negotiation Position: With an entire year’s budget ahead, businesses are often in a stronger position to negotiate favorable terms and conditions with new suppliers.

Compliance and Sustainability:

  • Regulatory Updates: New financial years may come with updated regulations and compliance requirements. Sourcing new suppliers who are already compliant can ensure smoother operations.
  • Sustainability Goals: Businesses often set new sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals at the start of a financial year. New suppliers who align with these goals can be strategically important.

Innovation and Competitiveness:

  • Stay Competitive: Engaging with new suppliers can introduce innovative products and services, helping the business stay competitive in the market.
  • Market Responsiveness: New suppliers can provide the agility needed to respond to market changes and customer demands more effectively.

By leveraging these advantages, businesses can optimise their supply chain, improve operational efficiency and achieve strategic goals more effectively.

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