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If your business relies on digital printing or prints a lot of marketing materials or your industry frequently prints oversized items – then wide format printing is for you. Wide format printing can help lower costs and significantly improve workflow as speed, efficiency and the ability to produce high-quality images and crisp text make them essential graphic- and photo-heavy posters and banners.

There are many misconceptions about wide format printing that it is (1) just for ad agencies and design firms and (2) concerns around size and costs. As a result, and to their detriment, many businesses look past wide format printing as a marketing option. At EPM Print Group, we are experts in wide format and below we will challenge that perception and highlight why wide format printing is right for your business.

Why Wide Format?

Wide format prints have become far more mainstream due to their flexibility and efficiency. The ability to print large-scale projects in-house at EPM Print Group saves our clients significant time and money. Our investment in onsite technology such as our wide format printer, enables us to print high-quality images quickly without having to outsource to a vendor, offering greater control, flexibility and turnaround times.

Flexibility and Value

A constant concern for business of all sizes and industries, is time and cashflow and this is a key advantage for wide format printing. These machines offer multiple functions and options to meet your specific business needs saving time and money over the long term.

Cost effective, quick turnaround printing from a banner to a poster to a trade show booth graphic, a wide format print is the answer.

What are some examples of wide format printing?

  • Signs and Graphics: Aside from banners, wallpaper and vehicle graphics, wide format printers can produce all types of graphics for posters, sign boards, backlit and point-of-sale displays. From floor graphics and road signs to mugs, sports accessories, and mouse pads, there are numerous possibilities.
  • Packaging: A huge range of labels can be created using wide format printing. Carton boxes, glass bottles, bottle carriers, wine and spirits labels, shrink wrap, loyalty cards, health and beauty product packaging, and stickers.
  • Labels, Stickers, and Decals: In addition to boxes and cartons, wide format printing can be used for adding labels to industrial parts, consumer products, glass and paper. Road signs, public transport and window graphics are just some other examples.
  • Promotional Products: Company branded labels or promo items such as pens, mugs, customised bags can all be done quickly and affordably to create the ideal image or message.
  • Trade & Industry: Labelling machine parts, products and tools, instructions, safety messaging through to farming and produce. Large scale, affordable printing of any object on a range of different surfaces – EPM Print Group are your partners in print!

If you have a project coming up that needs impact, is cost effective and professional, talk to our team of experts and see how some of our wide format print jobs have been used by some of the biggest (and smallest) businesses in Australia.

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