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It’s not easy getting ready for a big presentation. The stakes can feel high, and in our desire for things to go well, the anticipation builds. Fear, anxiety and panic can kick in. What can you do to calm your nerves when this happens?

Preparation. Good preparation.

Not only does preparation mean practising and organising your thoughts, determining the structure and drafting your talking points, it also means ensuing your audience leaves with a lasting impression long after your speech has finished.

So what does this lasting impression actually look like?

Giving your audience a marketing “gift” is one way to leave an impression and opportunity to educate them more about who you are, what you do and how you can assist them in the future.

Marketing collateral is any branded asset that promotes your company, product, or service. These assets are used to establish and build a relationship and a connection between your brand and your audience. Marketing collateral starts with your logo that introduces an audience to your brand and grows awareness and recognition moving forward. It also serves as an opportune way to educate your potential clients about who you are, what your business can offer them and any products & services you have to offer a potential client who might consider purchasing from you.

Examples of some marketing collateral for your next presentation include:

  • A customised, glossy embossed premium business card which represents the spirit of your brand is a must to give potential customers. The card is an extension of you and what your business represents.
  • A hand written “with compliments” slip can add a personal touch after your presentation has finished to show your appreciation or as a thank you for attending.
  • A striking pull up banner that highlights your brand and service offerings is a powerful statement on entrance and reinforced on stage while you are presenting.
  • Notebooks, notepads & pens are an easy, inexpensive gift to give your attendees with your brand impression lasting long after your have finished.
  • The ability for an attendee to gather all their presentation documents in one professionally bound book, folder or brochureis another cost-effective marketing asset that creates a long-lasting impression. The value of a slick, glossy sales brochure is that it allows you to include more information and details about your business reinforcing the key messages from your presentation.
  • A customer welcome kit such as a branded gift box are always warmly received, complete with a celebratory or thank you note & chocolates as appreciation.

To maximise your presentation, marketing and sales efforts on the day, having marketing collateral that helps support your brand, product or services, assists you attract your target audience and increase brand awareness by forging a connection between you and your potential customer, simplifying your sales efforts and making them more effective.

EPM Print Group are here to support you from start to finish and partner with you to ensure your presentation is professional, organised, memorable and stress free. To see how we can help your next presentation, contact us here – or call us on (07) 5479 1659.

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