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Why a Christmas gift represents so much more than just a gift.

Wondering whether to give your staff or clients a small Christmas gift this year? Is it worth it the hassle? Is it a cost worth investing in? Yes, yes and YES!

Buying presents for clients, customers and employees has far reaching benefits for your business. Recognising and rewarding highly valued clients and team members brings a special and unique kind of Christmas joy.

Shine a light on your team/employees!

Christmas offers an ideal opportunity to say thank you to your team for their support, contribution and dedication to your business and the value they provide. Making them feel appreciated and valued with a small thoughtful gift confirms how much you care and are grateful for what they bring to your business. This recognition will boost morale and creates a positive working environment while also driving your workplace culture. If feeling unappreciated, staff morale will suffer potentially impacting productivity leading to revenue loses and staff turnover.

Lead the way over your competitors

Staff retention is crucial for long term sustained success and therefore more likely to stay at the company that appreciates, supports and has a positive workplace culture. Customers will also appreciate the gesture, also assisting client retention while recommending your business to others.

It’s all about customer care

Customers have high expectations. They want there needs met easily, reliably, professionally and on budget. They also want to have a positive experience with excellent customer service and what better way to say thank you for supporting our business than with a small gift of appreciation?

Rewarding your customers for being loyal

Rewarding your customers can often lead to more business from the same client, assist promote your business to their contacts and networks while also recommending your business online via Google Reviews. Giving these customers a personalised gift is cost effective way to thank them for their loyalty and ongoing support.

Brand promotion – yours!

Sending out corporate gifts is a great way to reconnect with past clients while rewarding existing clients – both promote your brand. Corporate gifts represent a branding and marketing tool. Simple but effective gifts such as pens, note books, mouse pads, water bottles or coffee mugs keep your brand front of mind and reach new customers for your business.

Build positive relationships

Strong, long-lasting relationships are built off mutual respect, trust and support. Strong relationships enhance brand reputation, perceived image and company connection.

Gift ideas for Christmas

Mugs, Water Bottles for Summer, Cocktail shakers for the Festive Season, Bottle openers, Lolly jars, Wooden Wine Boxes, Coasters, small desk top Bluetooth speakers just to name a few!

Get into the festive spirit this Christmas and choose seasonal items like customised glasses and flasks, cheese boards, champagne glasses, bottle openers or jars of lollies or chocolate?

Corporate Christmas gifts offer a huge range of benefits for businesses. Treating customers, clients and employees can help you strengthen relationships, reward loyalty, improve retention rates and boost morale and brand reputation.

Need some inspirational ideas for a corporate gift to give employees or clients? EPM Print Group are here to help so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need advice or more information.

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